Order of slides on the menu vs. scene building

Hello, I have a project I am working on but just noticed when in preview mode the order of slides in the menu is different from the order in which the slides show when building the scene. I have attached screenshots to show my problem. Slide 1.5 is showing after 1.6 in the preview menu, but not in my scenes for the working document. All slides show "next slide" or "previous slide" in the triggers. Anyone have a idea on how to fix this?

thanks so much for any help or suggestions you can offer,

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Kalena Hornkohl

Hi Carol - I'm wondering if the menu was edited at any point to place 1.6 before 1.5 by accident? I can go into the Player menu (under the Home tab) and edit my menu properties to re-order slides on the menu, but they still appear in the correct order in the scene itself. I've attached a shot of slides 1.4 and 1.5 swapping places on my menu.