Organising an image library

After several years of creating courses and training materials, our in-house image collection has grown and grown...unfortunately it's also rather disorganised!

I'm looking for ideas on how best to structure it so images can be searched more easily, and future images saved in a more organised way...

How do you keep your image library organised? Any tips greatly appreciated



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Math Notermans

Trivantis just announced Vaast, a new DAM. What is possible and what not with it, i dont know yet. Signed up for a trial.
Returning to Louise's question ( if she is still signed on here ), wouldn't it be nice to have a toolset or SAAS that works like a DAM, so organising images and media.. but also has the option to store Storyline,/Lectora or Rise templates. Then somehow decide what images to use in a specific elearning template/exercise and create/download the endresult.

Math Notermans

Bridge is for single user use on your own computer. Not for sharing libraries of assets online. There DAM ( Digital Asset Management ) solutions like Cumulus, Canto and now Trivantis Vaast come in view. If these DAM tools would allow to check into the assets used in rapid elearning tools... ( with Lectora that is possible and actually with Storyline too if you do know how ) then you might have a really powerfull solution for sharing assets AND courses and quickly creating new ones.