Organization quality course _Need help in scenario

Hi All,

I am building a compliance course on organizational qualities. We have total 8 qualities and we are on the 4th now(digital savviness). The previous modules were simple, starting with a video and ending with multiple choice quiz.  I want to add a scenario/story so that learners do not get bored.

Attached is the one pager document which is the base. Please suggest or direct me to a template/link. Thanks



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Bianca Woods

Hi Surender,

Scenarios can be so useful for making compliance content more engaging. For this particular topic, there are lots of interesting ways a scenario could fit in. You could have a scenario story at the beginning to help people see why digital savviness should matter to them, a series of mini-scenarios throughout the course to show what each facet of that quality looks like in real life, or a scenario-based quiz at the end.

One good approach for grabbing attention is to use real stories, ideally from the learners' organization or a similar one. Another approach that works well is researching the most common challenges learners have with the topic and creating fictional stories around those issues. Both options can help people feel the scenarios are grounded in their real experiences and problems.

As you're considering what kind of scenarios to include, these articles may help:

And if you're interested in making your scenarios interactive, these template downloads can give you a few options to try out: