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Cary Glenn

On a scale from 1-10, I'm at 11. The trailers look incredible but my excitement is somewhat tempered by just how bad the sequels were.

Ideas for challenges:

  • Rank Star Wars Characters from worst to best. Jar Jar is sure to be worst but I'm interested in who is best and where does Boba Fett end up (I've never understood the fascination with him).
  • Match the monster and their name
  • Star Wars trivia; What is a Nerfherder? How big is a womp rat?
  • Count the midi-chlorians (I've heard that there are no midi-chlorians in the new movie)
David Anderson

Okay there are way too many amazing suggestions already. I think we should just leave it open and let everyone choose their own approach.

Please keep the ideas coming in! I'll include what you share in the challenge post. I'll post the week before the release. This means our Star Wars challenge will begin Friday December 11:-)

Sue Meismer

Ok, I just tried the quiz on vintage Star War toys and was sent back to Star Wars Basic Training camp. I'm wondering what place there is in this Challenge for someone like me who obviously remembers very, very little about Star Wars? Maybe a "Prepare the Star Wars Newbie to see the Movie?" Hmmmm.....