OT:What is your "training program" called? (New Hire or otherwise)

Hi All -- I have lurked on these sites forever and even posted a very few times, but I couldn't think of anyone better to pose this question to. We have the opportunity to rebrand our new hire training/onboarding currently called a Boot Camp (because it's a lot of information in a relatively short time).

I know there is a McDonald's University and I read an article in CLO about Lifetime University, but we already have a University in a different section of the organization, so I'm not sure that would work for us (Unless we adopted the Help Desk University).

I work for the Help Desk and our "Boot Camp" is currently 4 weeks in class and about 2 - 4 weeks OTJ training on the floor "closely supervised."

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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Eric Nalian

Hi Laura,

University Name: Sun University

Orientation: OC/CM Orientation

Manager Training: Community Manager Training program

The names for our programs are not the most riveting, where we get creative is in our class names:

  • Let$ Get Paid
  • Getting Down & Dirty with Water
  • Move em Out: Why are you Leaving?