Overlapping Button Sets

Jun 24, 2019

I've created a ranking interaction where the learner has to rank 5 traits by selecting radio buttons. I'd like them to be able to select only one trait per column and one number per row.

I added a button set to each column, thus allowing the learning to only make one selection per column. This worked swimmingly. I then added a button set to each row. I am now able to select only one item in each row BUT these new button sets seem to have superseded the first set of sets as I can now select more than one trait in a column. I know I can do what I'd like with triggers and variables but is it possible to do what I want to do with button sets? 

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Ben Boozer

I am certain you have a good reason for this interaction but as a user, I would find it overly complicated. What if I selected trait 1 as most important but later in the interaction, I decided that trait 4 was the most important? How would I change my mind?

I would think a drag and drop sorting of traits would be more intuitive, after all, there are only 5 possible answers.

Nadia Zaid

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feedback. The learner can change their answer. I just want to "force" them to rank only one trait as a 5, one trait as a 4 and so on. This interaction is part of a greater interaction where the learner is creating something. All of their answers are aggregated and provided to them at the end in a downloadable pdf. 

That said, I see what you're saying about a drag and drop being more straight forward. However, it won't work in the bigger picture.


Ben Boozer

I was thinking about this problem last night and worked up a way to get it done. Basically:

  1. Create the left most buttons first from top to bottom (button1 - button5)
  2. Add a trigger to button1 that sets state of button2 to normal if button1 is clicked.
  3. Duplicate it for the other three buttons.
  4. Do steps 2-3 for the next 4 buttons.
  5. Copy buttons1-5 and paste next to them (the triggers will be updated for the new buttons).
  6. Do step 5 until all buttons are created.
  7. Create a new button set for all buttons in row 1.
  8. Do step 7 for all five rows.

It took me about 15min to create all of the buttons. I am including a .story file of the completed "Super Button Set". Thanks for the challenge!


David Anderson

Nice solution, Ben.

I had a similar challenge a few months ago when I tried to recreate the button set effect in this online DISC assessment: https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/ Scroll down the page to find the assessment.

Storyline version: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/37f277b2-0710-46d7-b0bd-c43c6801cae6/review

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