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Oct 09, 2013

I'm curious if anyone uses any of the companies out there that offer pre-built Storyline templates and interactions for purchase like eLearning Brothers or eLearning Art, etc and if so, what you think of them. I'm wondering if I should suggest this to my company as a time saving option. 

Thank you!

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Oscar Guillen

I totally agree with Nancy. There is not shame in paying for templates and then adding your own content, remember it is the final product what really matters. If you are stuck in a particular slide or inspiration has suddenly vanished, it helps (at least to me) to divide the canvas into sections of equal proportions, I usually use "rules of thirds" or just have a look at other e-learning modules and "copy" the layout.

Found this great link

I hope that helps.

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Bryan Jones


I'm happy to answer any questions directly if you want to reach out to me via PM, but I don't want to hijack this thread since you're looking for community feedback.

To Nancy's point, you can create your own templates and we try to help with that. In general, for every type of template we create, we share our knowledge of how we approach the design. We post those lessons here and also on our blog so that you can create similar designs if you'd like. For example:

Scenario Template building 1

Scenario Template building 2 

Display board template building

Conversation template building 

Purchasing a service like ours is not just about the time savings with a single template, but also about having access to lots of the elements that make up a course. For example, the lessons on scenarios, display  boards, and conversations above show you how to incorporate those elements into a course. Also, the true power of a template, in my opinion, is that it be flexible enough to modify and create a different flavor for different courses, such as by swapping out elements like characters, backgrounds, objects, etc. That's how we try to approach template design. I hope that info and the lessons help. :) 

I'll let the community share their experiences, but PM me if you'd like to discuss further. 




Stephanie Schneider

PJ Babcock said:

I absolutely LOVE eLearning Art and eLearning Brothers.  Not just for the templates, but for all of their resources, support and great ideas. The price is reasonable and the benefits of being able to find what I need and not "hunt" has been awesome.

We bought both and very pleased with them.


Thanks again for the guidance and feedback! This is extremely helpful.   

PJ- Do you mind me asking why you purchased both tools? was one lacking something that you needed? 

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