Paper Slit Efffect

Dec 05, 2013

I realize the trend is toward flatter designs, but I wanted to apply an effect that gives the impression of a text box /  banner  appearing from a slit (cut) in the paper.   Sort of like the old coin slots (if anybody remembers those?) but I would use this as an alternative to bullet ponts. 

Just not sure how to master the shadow effects in PPT for this.   Any creative ideas appreciated.

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Neil,

If you can upload the PPT file or screen shot of what you're working on to give a better picture of what you're trying to do, you'll definitely get some ideas for the community. 

As far a shadow effects, anytime the built in options don't cover what I need I'll make a separate shadow object. Then you have more control of how and where it comes in. I just quickly used really basic shapes but this might give you some ideas. 

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