Parallax effect on sliders (source available) / Efekt Paralaksy w Storyline

This is my first Storyline project that I want to share. Nice call to action parallax effect based on 4 sliders and 2 layers. 

See demo and source file here

Step 1 

I started with 3 sliders that will cause the parallax effect: 

As you can see the max value is different for each slider to cause parallax. Top layer (100) is for background and will make the "slowest" move. Two other layers are limited by 20 and 40 to move faster when the master slider (on another layer) will be moved. 

Step 2

To make the parallax I have replaced standard thumbs with pictures

Thumb Fill > Picture 

Step 3 

After that I created new layer or master slider (in order to avoid the hover value for sliders)


Step 4 

Some triggers and testing

and... voila! 

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