Patient-Provider Empowerment

Hello, I am putting together a brief module with the last 3 to 5 most important things to happen between patient and provider: clear communication, right use of plain and technical language, trained and friendly office staff, right forms and gender pronouns, and checking assumptions, values and emotion on both sides. The topic is intense. I have these assets, edited video interviews of patients and providers making these points (2-5 minutes each). I have a script. I am asking you good people to recommend what type of template you would use for this. My level is Advance Beginner so I stumble a lot. I want people to watch it, learn basic concepts, test their immediate memory of key term and also one or two concept application games. HELP! Frankie 

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Jen Jenson

Thank you

the vid is wonderful but the learning module is about the things that physicians need to do when working with HIV+ patients, such as using the right pronoun (they, he, she); from from a harm-reduction perspective if the person uses substances, etc. 

The video is about good service when someone goes to an ER. What I am preparing is about the traditional/typical provider-patient interaction, which includes taking medical history and sexual health history


Trina Rimmer

Hi Jen. This sounds like an amazing project!

Yes, you can add quizzes and even interactions you've built in Storyline 360 to your Rise 360 course. You can also add interactive elements like scenarios, knowledge checks, sorting activities, and more. If you've got the bandwidth to experiment with something new, you might find some project inspiration in our E-Learning Examples hub.  

If you're keen to build this in Storyline 360, you might want to explore the Content Library 360 templates for this project since the interactions are pre-built and you're just adding your own content and images to them. You can also change up the colors by choosing a different design theme. I think a light-colored template like Fractal or Serenity could be a good fit for healthcare training. You may also find some free healthcare-themed templates created by the community in our Downloads hub as well.