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Nicole Legault

Hi Jodi, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums.

It's nice that they have offered you the choice! One important thing to consider when deciding between a PC and a Mac is that if you're using Articulate Storyline, it runs on a PC, OR can run on a Mac but you would need to install and use Parallels, which you can see instructions for here. Many of our community members and even our own staff use Storyline on a Mac every single day, but it's just something you should know about before you make your decision. 

Best of luck with the new role! :) 

Christine Hounsham

Hi Jodi, when setting up as a home base business, I decided to go Mac, after only ever having used PCs.  I loved my Mac.  Particularly because the ease of the out of the box set up.  I ran Storyline on Parrallel, which worked well.

However, less than two years in I was running into major memory issues - even when I tired to be more disciplined with how much I had open at any one time.  It was probably a lot to do with how I work, but I ended up upgrading to a PC about six months ago and haven't had any issues.  

If you go for a Mac I recommend getting the biggest memory capacity you can, as not really feasible to upgrade it later from what I understand.    Also if you have a budget amount I would also definitely make sure you have at least two full size screens included.  

'Best wishes. Christine 

Suzanne Irving

Hi Jodi

I'm working on a MAC using the parallel environment for Storyline 360 and don't have any issues. I use Adobe Creative Cloud to creative graphics and images and so switching between the two environments regularly throughout the day rarely causes any issues.

Christine is right to point out about the memory, buy as much as is within your budget.

Good luck :)