People Images with Transparent Backgrounds

Jun 15, 2011

I often find the use of people "cut-outs"--people images with transparent backgrounds--as facilitators through an online module to be both creative and useful for guidance. I've found quite a few of these images on sites like Microsoft's clip art gallery, but complete galleries of different poses by the same person seem hard to come by. I found one site that seems really Does anyone know of any others that have high-quality sets for a reasonable price (or even free)?

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David Anderson

Hi Jen - Bryan over at Elearning Art does a really good job with characters:

If you find characters with solid-colored backgrounds, try PowerPoint's Set Transparent Color (2007) and Remove Background (2010) tools. They work great.

Two posts on removing backgrounds

Matt Lobel

Check out:

The site contains thousands of cutout people images in addition to having millions of images/vector images.  Unlike other sites, you can buy just single images if you desire.  (Why invest lots of money if you just need a couple of images?)  I'm a little biased because my organization created it, but I think its great!  

If you take a look and can think of something you would like to see there, please let me know.  We launched this 3 weeks ago and are still actively improving things as we get suggestions from the community.

Bruce Graham


Many thanks for that link - excellent! At last, some "normal" looking people! 

A little limited in terms of content for many of the people here, but certainly a good-start.

If you could add a library of "business people", having conversations (standing, sitting etc.), I would certainly sign-up for Membership. This is a major area of need for the "commercial" eLearning designer IMHO.

Excellent resource - thanks for posting.


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