Performance of Parallels Desktop and Articulate

Oct 23, 2019

Hi Mac Users

I upgraded to the latest Parallels desktop a few days ago and have been having performance issues with Storyline since. I have not been able to get any work done over the last 3 days. It takes  approx 20 mins to publish a course to html 5 and when it finally does there are missing files. Is anyone else having performance issues with Parallel? How did you fix it. I don't want to hav to go out and buy a PC now:(


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Phil Mayor

I have an unfortunate habit of updating to latest versions of things and then regretting it. 

I was stuck with a beta for OSX once that meant I could not work so feel your pain. All that said I have updated to parallels 15 and have not had a problem at all, I do have a really powerful machine so maybe I didn't hit any performance issues, I would try creating a new VM, or perhaps your current VM is short of disk space, I would also look at installing storyline again.

Phil Mayor

That will make it run badly.

I run a couple of maintenance tasks.

In windows run disk cleanup and use clean system files, you should get some space back. I also periodically open explorer click on the C: drive and search for *.tmp files when I see one that is named  similar to a course I have created I right click and choose show in finder and then select all the tmp files and delete them, seems like storyline never cleans up after itself.

I would sort out the disk space first that should fix it.

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