Permanent progress meter

Hi all! I tried to follow the advice in this Quick Tips episode (starting 39:08) on how to set up a permanent progress meter. I want the star to change state when the user clicks the last card on the slide and stay for the next slide. The progress meter is on the Slide Master, but my triggers look different than in David's example. I can't reorder the triggers so I guess the timeline triggers play first and spoil the effect? Should I use a different variable instead or what am I not getting here? 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Iina! This is looking so good! The triggers are right on track. I made a few edits to your story file to get the effect you're looking for. 

  • I added a second variable. For each flipcard slide you have, you need to create a new variable to track progress for that specific slide.
  • I renamed the slides and variables to Flipcard 1 and Flipcard 2 so they match. This also makes it easier to know which variable and trigger goes to what. 
  • I made minor edits to the triggers on your flipcard slides and Master slide to incorporate the new variable for the second set of flipcards.
  • I wasn't sure how many yellow stars you wanted to appear for each flipcard slide, so I only did one for each slide. 

See the attached story file for reference. I hope that helps!