Personalized and Differentiative Learning

Hello fellow designers!

I need to come up with a solution for personalized and differentiative learning where depending on which territory a learner belongs to, they get a particular section of the course. Is it possible in Storyline to branch from one slide to multiple slides? Or, for the course to mark complete differently based on your responses selected earlier? I am happy to explain more if needed. 

Any insight would be great!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Neha:

The company I work for faces this. Most often with sales reps. There is usual a trigger we ask, like "Do you sell in New York and Massachusetts?" If so, click here. Then the learners runs through the specialized, and then back to the main flow of content.

It gets a little tricky if you need to ask region specific questions in the final quiz or knowledge check, though. 

Joanne Chen

Hi Neha,

Yes, you can branch from one slide to multiple slides in SL. I will suggest using different scenes for different sections. For example, you can have a home scene as your home slide and have questions to identify who goes where by using buttons or variables(in case you need several questions for identifying).

Neha Sharma

Thanks Daniel. I am working with Sales and Call Center. For Sales, there are over 15 different territories of which they only need to know content for their territory and then there is the call center folks who need to know all territories. I can see this becoming a branching nightmare!

Daniel Brigham

Neha: If you have a lot of countries or markets with different training requirements, it might be easier to build different versions of the module. Basically, you'd just be copy and pasting slides and making small changes to suit a market or country.

Not sure if your LMS could handle this, though.