Persuasion to Use Articulate Review

Apr 19, 2018

How do other designers help clients move to a new model of reviewing content online via Articulate Review? I work in some highly regulated industries, and often the compliance reviewers want everything in a PDF file, which is very labor-intensive for a Rise course.

While most of the clients adapt to the new online way of reviewing material, some simply don't want to try it. I've used every persuasive argument I can think of and assure them it's so much easier for them, they can collaborate with each other better, we can export a full record of the comments and resolutions for their records, etc. 

I welcome any ideas for convincing compliance people to get on board with the 21st century! 

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Les Helyes

When we transitioned to Review, we emphasized the collaborative aspect.  They see each other's comments, unlike everyone editing their own Word doc or PDF.  That saves the reviewer's time by not having to 'reinvent the wheel' when someone else already did.  And, of course, it saves the developer's time because all the feedback is in one place.

Good luck.

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