Photo and Video Sizes and Sources

Sep 18, 2019


I'm wondering if there are minimum size requirements for photos and videos in Storyline to get good resolution, and also where people like to get their stock images from?


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Hi Heather,

There is no minimum size of photos or videos require in Storyline. Its all depend upon the Story size as well as video quality.

If your image/video quality is high then quality will be good in any story size. But, if your image/video quality is low then it will be only clear in small story size and you'll get blurry output in large story size.

For stoke images: Shutterstock

Nicole Legault

Hi Heather, 

an Articulate 360 subscription comes with access to Content Library 360 which is a visual asset library that has over 4.5+ million assets and growing. This includes photos, videos, icons, and illustrations. You'll also get hundreds of characters with tons of poses for each, as well as pre-made templates for Storyline 360. These come as a part of the Articulate 360 sub.

You can sign up for a trial here:

Hope this helps :)