Photographic characters

Hello everyone, 

While using Storyline 2, I found that there are no sitting poses available for 'Photographic' characters.  

We have already created 2 hours of E-learning module and we need to create 2 more hours. Now we are in requirement of sitting poses for 'Ron' and 'Nicole'. Are there any sitting poses available ?

Please help me out with some suggestions.




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Trina Rimmer

Hi Allen. And yes, you're right that there are presently no sitting poses available for our photographic characters.

In lieu of that, you might want to try some creative cropping of a standing pose to give the illusion of them sitting (behind a desk, for instance). For example, I just cropped the following image of Nicole, applied a flip horizontal rotation so that she's facing the laptop image, and then added a rectangular shape in front of her to create a "desk" and a rounded rectangle behind her to create a "chair".  It's a rough mock-up of one approach, but I'm sure other folks will chime in with their thoughts and workarounds, too.

Nicole seated