Pick-a-Topic Based Course

I want to create a course where the first slide enables the leaner to choose desired topics from a larger list.  I would like this person's course to then run linear (moving from topic-to-topic) so the learner does not have to come back to a menu and choose another topic.  Each learner will most likely choose a different linear course than their peers.  I figure I will use scenes and branching to accomplish this, but I'm confused on how to make the randomly chosen topics become linear.  Is this possible?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Dan,

It does save the user a few clicks to bundle selected topics and play them linearly. However, consider the impact if a learner changes their mind. What if they find a chosen topic isn't what they wanted? What if they want to add a new topic? What if they want to go through the topics in a different order than the program presents them linearly? What if they want to review a completed topic because of what they learned in another topic? A simple menu screen gives the learner more overall control. I think that's worth a few extra clicks.

Nancy Woinoski

I still like the idea of allowing users to create their own list of topics and control the order in which they want to review them. As a designer, you can build in controls that enable them to go back and change their selections if they decide this is not what they want.