Pick Many Feedback Issue


For the life of me, I cannot tell what is making my pick many question incorrect when I select all the correct objects.

There are 12 correct clickable objects out of 16 (and 1 additional clickable distractor with no feedback). In the Form view, I've checked all 12 correct objects. However, when I test in Preview selecting all correct objects, the Incorrect layer shows after clicking Submit.

Can anyone tell what it is that I'm missing or doing wrong?

Thanks gang!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandi

I think the issue is some of the hotspots are sitting under the images and you are referencing the hotspots in the form view.

Sorry don't have time to check them all now but I would recommend checking what you have in form view compared to what is being clicked by user to make sure they match.

Sandi Williams

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for responding.

So I have this graphic image that contains desktop items but I've inserted additional items to drive the point.

Yes. For the objects on the graphic image that were correct responses to the exercise, I had to overlay them with a hotspot and a borderless rectangle, oval or freeform shape. The hotspot is used to invoke a response to the question and the shape object is used to create a highlight of the object selected.

For the clickable objects that I added to the image, I only changed the Selected state.

In Form view, I've setup both clickable objects and the hotspots and checked "correct" where appropriate.

Speaking to your response re: "hotspots are sitting under the images" I did originally have the hotspots layered below their correlating Selected state shape objects but reversed the order - but that did not work.

And I've so checked and re-checked ad nauseum. I got nuthin. :-/