Picture disappearing troubles

Hi all,

I've got a problem with a picture disappearing.

This picture has a trigger on it that changes the state when the mouse hovers over the picture (this works fine). Also, clicking on this picture changes the layer and it's after closing this layer, that the picture disappears.

The slide properties on the base layer are set to 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting. The slide layer properties for the layer that is triggered by clicking on the picture is set to 'Hide other slide layers' and to 'Hide objects on base layer'. Everything alse is off or on 'Automatically decide'.

When 'Hide objects on base layer' is off for the slide layer properties, the picture no longer disappears, however the text on the layer is no longer readable because of the mixe-up between the base layer and the new layer...

Your help is much appreciated!

A novice user,


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Scott Wiley

Instead of hiding objects on the base layer from new layer that shows when clicking the image, you might try just adding a trigger to your new layer to change the state of the image on the base layer to "hidden" when timeline starts.

Then apply another trigger on whatever you want to send the learner back to the base layer (button?) to change the state back to "normal," but put it before the trigger to "hide this layer" when clicked.

Hope that helps.

Wouter VH

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion but it doesn't appear to be working as I was hoping.

When I use this picture to open up a scrolling panel by clicking, whitout the state change with hover, it works perfectly. But the moment I add the state change when hovering as well, the picture is gone when closing the scrolling panel...

Is it possible there is a conflict when using two triggers on one object? The triggers being state change when hovering and show layer when clicking?





Wouter VH

Hi all,

Many thanks for all your suggestions.

I've asked our experienced user at work (back from holiday) if he had an idea, and he solved the problem by using the pre defined hover state change instead of a trigger. As such there is no longer a conflict between the 2 triggers.