Placing MP3 on Master Slide vs. every slide

Jul 03, 2018

I have the same audio to be played on several slides. If I place this on Master slide, will it load only once before the course starts or every time when a slide appears?

I am publishing to HTML5 only?

What is the best method to reduce the loading time? (placing the audio on master slide or placing the same audio on every side)?


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Tom Kuhlmann

The master slide loads on each new slide, thus, the audio should plays on each new slide. You can use a variable to turn it on/off.

Something to keep in mind is that if you have media and the course is consumed on a mobile device, it's possible that the device will not play the media and require that the user presses play to initiate the media. Also, if the slide master and slide both have media, the device may only play one at a time. 

It's always good to test how things work on the mobile devices before spending too much time building the course and then learning that the device won't play the course as you intended.

Phil Mayor

If you place it on the master every slide uses then it would load with every slide. Storyline preloads elements so could add in an overhead you do not want.

It really depends on how often you need to use the audio. You could of course create different masters some with and some without audio.

I would test it and see what happens and then test again,

I have to rebuild a course at the moment where each slide loads 50 master layers on every slide, worked fine in Flash but slowed down in HTML5, I didn't build the original, I am making changes and then testing each slide as i go on.

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