Play the Piano

Hi all!

I don´t know if there is something similar to this demo, but I wanted to share it with the community.

Still lots of work to do, but the basics are almost ready. I still need to implement the following:

  • Current there is no touch support (the next version will be updated);
  • When the user press other keys that are not activated for the Piano, the keyboard with instructions will pop up);
  • Some more sounds;
  • Any suggestion from the community...?

So, let's play the Piano?

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Bianca Woods

Hi Nuno,

I had such a good time playing around with my new keyboard piano! Thanks so much for sharing this example.

As far as suggestions go, it's a small thing but I would echo David's experience of occasionally forgetting which keyboard key mapped to which piano key. I quite like his idea of combining the two graphics to make it easy to remember which keys are which, so your eyes don't have to look at the keyboard key map separately from the on-screen piano keys. Or you could put the key labels on a separate layer so people new to the interaction could show that layer as they got used to which key was which and then hide it when they didn't need the memory support anymore.

Also, the whole time I was playing with the interaction I kept thinking of music/rhythm games like Rock Band. I imagine it would take some time to build, but I bet you could create a little music game or piano coach using this piano interaction if you ever wanted to expand it further.