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Crystal Horn

Hello Alexander!  I checked your link in Chrome, and I saw the background image.  I checked again in Safari with Flash disabled, and I did not see the background image.  After enabling Flash, the background image was visible.

We can't provide support for modification of the published output, but you might want to look at whether the added background image coding was done for both the Flash and the HTML5 versions.

Dan Graham

Hi Alexander!  Thanks for getting this discussion started!  

Crystal is right on here.   After a little investigatin', I found the bit of code that needs to be adjusted in the story_html5 file.  Here's an example of the format that worked for me...

background image line of code

And here's some proof that it works   ;)  ....  http://ezlearnin.com/ASLWeeklyChallenge/RockBand/ROI_Band/story_html5.html 

Crystal Horn

Thanks Dan for working through that one!  It's funny that you said investigatin'... just coming back from Wyoming and got me a real nice cowgirl hat.  So I guess I'll be investigatin' issues from now on!  :P

One thing, though, Dan.... your html says you're on Update 10.  You better get yourself onto Update 11 for all the good fixes we added!