Player Display Settings: Background Moves in Different Browsers


I have been trying to figure out what’s wrong with the display settings for the Player but to no avail. I noticed while working through a QA check for a project I am currently working on that the background for my slides does not completely fill the Player screen. The issue seems to be browser specific, but it’s still a problem. Very close to the edges white lines appear, as seen on the right side on this screen shot.


The picture above is a screen shot taken when the contents within the file are designed to fit the screen at the dimensions of the Player, which is set to the width of 720.

The screen shot below has the same problem, but this time there is an applied layout from the Master Slide, which has the image set to dimensions that exceed the width of the display screen at 722.

In both instances, which was published using Internet Explorer, the image does not completely cover the full screen, despite the dimensions being fit at precisely the full width of the display screen and being over extended.

I am clueless as to what portion of the Player settings need to be modified in to rectify this issue, or if it’s simply a browser concern (my current guess). I need the picture to cover the full screen, as the project I am working on requires a photograph from the company to be faded for the background design, but the learners need to be able to view the image in Fire Fox and Internet Explorer.

This is how it displays in Fire Fox:

This may be an instance to where things will simply need to be what they are, since the issue is slight, but it is noticeable. I am open to suggestions and have attached a modified version of the project file for review.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this thread. I truly appreciate it.



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