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Jun 06, 2017

Hi there, 

I have an involved course with a menu slide. In my player, I tried putting the trigger to go to a particular slide (the main menu slide) when the user clicks on the word Menu. In order to add this trigger, it made a duplicate menu Feature on my Player Tabs (see picture 1). The original menu tab shows the slide numbers in a drop-down format (see picture 2). I want to delete this tab from my features but I cannot. Even when it is unchecked, it shows up on my Menu slide (see picture 3). How do I simply have the links: Menu (takes you to slide 1.3 the Main Menu slide), Resources (drop down resource link), and Exit (close course) and not have the original Menu link appear with the drop down menu?

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Joanna  Kirby

Hi Nicole, 

Thank you for getting back to me.

I tried unchecking the Menu item, saving it, and previewing it, however, when I do that, there is no menu link on anything other than the Menu slide. I need one menu link on all slides. I have attached the storyline file here with the first three slides. Would you be able to take a look at it and see what is going on? I tried playing with the Player Properties and I can't seem to get it to work the way I want it. 



Nicole Legault

Hi Joanna, 

I opened up your file and had a closer look.

You perhaps did not know this, but for each slide  you can customize which player resources are available. The way you do that is go to the Story View tab in Storyline where you can see all your slides and how they are interconnected, click on a slide, and look at the bottom right-hand side panel called "Slide Properties". By default, the Player Features dropdown will be set to "Player Defaults".

However, from the drop-down you can choose "Custom for the selected slide" and then it will list all your player options and you can choose which ones appear for the slide in question. 


The reason that you are seeing the Menu link appear on the third slide even though you have deselected it in the player properties is because for slide 1.3 Menu you have "Menu" and "Resources" checked off to always show on that slide.

If you reset that dropdown to "Player Defaults" it should go back to working the way you want it to. 

Hope this resolves your issue! :) 


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