Please help me conceptualize course with manager content

I am making a new bloodborne pathogens course, and my team has been debating if we should make one course or two, since we have some content that applies to managers only (record keeping, ensuring annual compliance, etc). The manager content is woven throughout the course, so it's not a "chunk" that can be stuck either at the beginning or end of the course.

I am thinking that we could include all content in one course file, by using a true/false variable. On the first slide, learners would select their job title (manager or non-manager). That would set off a true/false variable, which would determine the sequence of slides from there.

For instance, if a learner selects the manager role, they would then see slides 1, 2, 3, and 4. A non-manager would see slides, 1, 2, (skip 3), and 4. Each slide would have a trigger so that the Next Button is based on the variable (in this example, after slide 2 managers view slide 3, but non-managers skip to slide 4).

I haven't played with this yet in Articulate, and before I begin can anyone tell me if this is the best way to cover all of the content in one course file?

Also, how would this work for quizzes? Can I have two quizzes (one manager, and one non-manager) in the same course?

Our other idea was just to make two entirely separate courses and publish both to our LMS, but we like the idea of only making one course since about 90% of the content is the same.

Thank you in advance for any input!

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Laurel Schulert

Thanks Nancy, it definitely helps to see an example.

However, we were conceptualizing ours a bit differently and I want to know if we're on the right track.

We could have two branches through the course (one for managers, and one for non-managers), and I would set it up exactly like David's example. However, so much of the content is the same, we don't want to run what are basically two identical branches. The managers have a bit of extra content, so that's why we were thinking of using a variable to trigger their bonus slides to come in.

Does that make sense?


Nancy Matheny

Hi Laurel,

Yes, it does make sense. Another thread that may have some useful info, with a comment from Eric Nalian regarding using variables that may be what you are trying to do:

It sounds like you are on track with your approach.

Sorry I don't have an actual example to provide to you at this point, but hopefully someone will chime in with one.




John Nixdorf

Not that I can think of offhand because Storyline II only reports out the results from one results page.

That is something else you need to consider, if you have two quizzes, you'll have two results pages, which one will you report out to your LMS? I get around that by constructing a dummy "results" page that everyone lands on no matter which quiz they took.