Podcast-or simply audio for course intro?

A project I'm working on (Presenter) is a program that spans several months and has a face-to-face workshop component and in between modules built in Presenter that include some online and some offline (using worksheets or workbook) to cement the learning.

My SME was inspired by a radio program that had a theme and then some distinct segments within the program, but a narrative that tied it all together. Originally we were simply going to develop the content in Presenter without voice over, then considered slide-specific voice over.  I could produce a slide at the beginning of the course and add audio but toying with the option of a standalone "podcast" to accompany the course.

Wondering if anyone has done this and has any tips for me.

Thanks in advance


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Holly, I've done podcasts for some information type courses that could be used as an alternative to viewing the online modules but have not done one  to accompany a course.

It is an interesting idea. Are you thinking along the lines of those audio guides that you see if museums and art galleries?   You could have some kind of icon on the slides or worksheets that have the audio component to signify when the learner should start and pause the audio.