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Brett Rockwood

Hi again David,

If you're talking about mobile apps then my first reply stands; I don't really use any other AMP,  Mobile Safari and Vert, which is great for converting points to pixels to inches and pretty much anything else you need to convert.

For desktop apps I'm in Photoshop all the time. I also use Snagit, Premiere, Illustrator, Sony Sound Forge, Garage Band, and of course Parallels when on the Mac. If someone sends me a PowerPoint file I might clean it up in PPT before importing it into Storyline. I used to use Articulate Studio apps but have really stopped; I'm doing everything in Storyline now. 


David Anderson

Good question, Brett! 

I meant mobile apps and updated the title to clarify.

The session is around mobile apps that folks use to get things done in the workplace. Sometimes the same apps are installed on work machines while other times work machines are locked down and users don't have admin rights to install their favorite productivity apps.

Jackie Van Nice

Mobile apps I use for work?

Wunderlist is an essential for me, too, as is Redbooth for project management. I rely on Diigo and also the Safari browser. Dropbox, too. There are a bunch more that end up being work-related at some point too: Newsify (Feedly), Twitter, Skype, Voice Memos, Pinterest, Passwordbox, etc! 


Raul Esparza

Hi David,

I used the app to take pictures of our office for an onboarding scavenger hunt we then placed into Storyline. 

I also took video of how our training room should be arranged and prepared for a training session depending on the activities being used (ie: seat arrangement, projector placement, etc...) since we try to get creative with our environment. We placed the videos into an interactive PDF.

I also used it to create visual instructions for an activity with Lego bricks.  I made a visual handout (see attached) for one team to create a car.  The other teams received text only instructions with no visuals and an overabundance of Lego bricks.  My point was that to increase performance we give only what is needed to perform the expected action, the other teams got a lot of nice-to-have bricks and no team was able to outperform the visual aid group.  This also lead to conversations about cognitive overload There is no proprietary information so I attached a copy, all the pics are from my  cell phone using Fuse.  I'm sure iPhone users would get much better quality.

Hope it's helpful!