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Jan 27, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am creating a series of branching slides, which include a home slide with many graphics that are hyper-linked to other information slides. The design problem I am trying to solve is that there are too many graphics on the home slide, which does not leave room for me to include a label for each graphic.

I noticed that PPT has the Hyperlink ScreenText feature built-in and is available when setting up the hyperlinks. PPTX allows user to include the hyper-linked screen tip This solution will work for me as it allows users to hover the mouse over the graphic to see the pop-up label.

This appears to work just fine when I test it within PPT slideshow mode. However, when I publish the slides, it does not work. It would appears that articulate does not support the PPTX's Hyperlink Screen Text feature. Is there another way to create a pop-up label for a graphic elements

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestion to remedy this,


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Daniel! Yeah, unfortunately when you convert your PowerPoint content to Flash, the rollover effect isn't supported. Here are a couple options you could try though:

  • Creating tooltips with Snagit  - this allows you to create simple tooltips that appear when the user mouses over an item.
  • Depending on your slide design, you might also be able to use an Engage Labeled Graphic.
  • Tom Kuhlmann shared a post awhile back on creating rollovers by using a Flash background. David did an accompanying screencast here, and the source files are available here if you'd like to give that a try.
  • You could also check out the free tool that another Articulate user built here, which enables you to create hover effects without having to know any Flash programming.

Hope that helps!

James Brown

Janette hit it on the head.  Articulate uses Flash which has an thing called buttons. Based on Jeanette's post there appears to be an Articulate tool which allows you to create buttons without knowing Flash. In a nutshell,  buttons have three states; up, over, and down. Using the utility provided by Articulate you are simply going to make all your images buttons. When the mouse goes over them your popup will come up automatically. It's really a simple thing to do in Flash but with the utility the folks at Articulate appear to possess, this should be a piece of cake.

Brian Houle

Daniel Bolia said:

Hello everyone,

 Is there another way to create a pop-up label for a graphic elements

 Thank you in advance for any help or suggestion to remedy this,


I've got a widget over on E-Learning Enhanced designed to do this very thing.  Just insert a swf file on any slide on which you want pop-ups, publish your course, then edit a file in your published output folder to define and position your pop-ups/tooltips on each slide.  You can create/edit pop-ups all you want without having to republish in Articulate, too.


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