Portfolio help

Hello, Articulate world,

I am a Freelance E-Learning Developer from India. I need your help to build my portfolio on Wix.com.

My query is, how to add my storyline works on Wix.com.

I saw everyone added their works on their Websites/Portfolio. I want to build my self. Can anyone help me?

If possible please record a video that would be great for me.

Thanks and Regards

Praveen Karu

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Praveen! Last time I checked, Wix doesn’t support FTP files, but you can still add images of your work to your Wix website and then link the images to your course examples using Amazon S3. You can check out this article and video tutorial by Tom Kuhlmann to learn more about Amazon S3. Perhaps other members in the community have more insight on Wix. I hope that helps!