Post completion survey for the course

Hi all,

One of my project requires post completion survey. The course already have one graded assessment and result. Client wants to add survey quiz after it. Below are the requirement instructions by the client.

  1. If any person passes the assessment, he/she will be provided with few survey questions.
  2. This survey will be in assessment format; the survey questions will come one after the other.
  3. Once any user submits the survey, it will be stored at some location.
  4. The survey should be within the course and no external link could be used.
  5. Information related to the survey can be stored at a remote location and fetched as and when required.

I am not able to figure out how to handle this additional quiz in the course which has already a graded quiz and result I don't want this added feature to create any mess with my current project.

Please advise How I can get it work.

Thank you

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