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I recently got 50G of free space on and have tried uploading a published articulate course on there. My idea is to store courses on there for my portfolio. However, when I try to open the player.html file, it's just a blank page. Has anyone else had success storing articulate files on Does it just not know how to reference the other files? Is there any other free location I could save my courses at to share publicly in my portfolio?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas

P.S. My portfolio is just on wordpress - the free version - so I do not have a purchased server to save my files!

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Holly MacDonald

I use dropbox  for sharing published courses for clients to review which is a similar application to your portfolio idea. Basically you publish your files, copy them to your dropbox folder and then you share just the link to the player.htm file (right click on the file and copy link and paste into an email) and it references the rest. Works great for me. I've only emailed the page though, but you could copy the link into a basic wordpress widget.  Have not tested that, though! Let me know if it works  

Simon Perkins

Rebekah, as far as I'm aware, only allows you to upload files (not folders).  Therefore even if you do push all your files up there, it's going to take time plus I suspect the course may not run due to the nature of the hosting.  Give SCORM Cloud a shot - it's free and runs SCORM 1.2 courses exactly as they should be run.  Alternatively go with Dropbox - at least that maintains file integrity on your local drive. 

jessica Brie


You stated that SCORM Cloud allows you to host 10 courses for free. From looking at their site, it looks like it allows 10 people to access a single course for free, any additional courses would cost a fee. Do you have experience using SCORM Cloud? Does a user have to register when the access a course - even if you use a public link?