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Hi @Articulate, 

I've noticed some of my posts are getting automatically flagged when I add a comment to them on my desktop. I've also seen other threads where is mentioned that the posts get flag, marked as potential spam and you guys have to clear them.  Apparently, this is due to some spam attacks on the site.  Would it help to have a reCAPTCHA function for flagging?   I'm sorry but, my troubleshooting mind is going crazy on this ;  )

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emma and Sandy,

All fixed up now! Sorry about that. We have a number of different things in place to help with spam, and it looks like you got caught by a few of them. When that happens the posts don't appear for us to automatically review, but are hidden from the community as our algorithm assumes it's a high likelihood of spam.

We can always handle those instances on a case by case basis - so for anyone else following along in this thread, please email our Support team here. They'll get you in the right place! (Emma we had your case, we're just in a little bit of a backlog so replies have been taking 1-2 days. Your case made it to me last night...while I was sleeping. 😉 ) 

Jean-Philippe Côté

All my new threads are also getting flagged right away.

I double posted one because I thought I clicked it myself but sure enough it's also flagged.....hate to be that guy but one of the main reasons why this forum is great is the speed at which you can ask questions or help others, and after an hour thread is still awaiting moderation.

Is there anyway I can verify my account as a "secure user" or something?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Looks like it's all set Padmakar. Sorry about that! 

Posts are flagged by our spam detection for a number of different reasons but our team monitors that and checks for false positives throughout. You shouldn't ever have tow ait more than a day for a post to be unflagged.

If you do, or find that you need more immediate help, please always feel free to contact our Support team here.