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Fiedel Laurenz

Thank you very much Michael.

I'm still struggeling with the functionality. Could you may check my example and tell me, how I have to modify the direction of the dial?

The starting Position of the power button should be off and the learner has to switch it on (The dial should move to 1 and On should be shown)


Thanks in Advance :)

Ned Whiteley

Hi Fiedel,

Unless you specifically want to use a dial, another alternative to what Michael has proposed is to create selection zones using transparent rectangles and then change the state of the power button between Normal (I would probably change this state to Off) and On, where the On state is with the button rotated 90 degrees.

Like Michael, I used Photoshop to quickly grab the circular switch and rotate it to create the new state and then created two selection zones in line with the handle when in both the On and Off positions. When these rectangles are selected, triggers change the state of the switch.

Fiedel Laurenz

Thank for your help. 

Actually I don't want to use the original photo of the power button, I wanted to create a power button using forms that looks like the original one. Sorry for the confusion.

Now I found a way to solve my problem using a simple dial :)

Do you know why the form of the red circle is more like an ellipse after turn it on?