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Apr 25, 2012

Hi folks,

I'm looking to create an animation effect in PowerPoint 2010 using 3 Polaroid images to communicate objectives where it appears the Polaroid images are thrown onto the slide.  Currently I have all 3 of them set up using the Fly In animation using a different angle on each of them, which is okay, but I'm wondering if there is a more organic way.  I got the idea from Tom's 12/13/11 post on how to make learning objectives more interesting.

In particulate I'm wondering if I can recreate the effect Tom's uses on the the third slide in Tom's emergency kit demo, the Polaroid images seems to do a backwards-turning movement upon entering on the slide (to see it a second time you have to go back to the post's HTML page, click on the demo again and select do not begin where you left off and click through to the third slide).  The closest I can find to is the Float animation, but its not a match.  I really like the effect.  I'm wondering if this part can only be created in Storyline or Quizmaker.  Tom commented in the Comments section of the post that most of it could be recreated in PP.  My educated guess is that I might be able to re-create it in Quizmaker, but I don't want to do that as I want to stick with all PP slides for the module I am working on.

Here's Tom's 12/13 post with demo:


I obtained from the Polaroid images from Downloads section on this site.

Any direction/tips would be much appreciated.  If this has been addressed elsewhere on the site, please feel free to let me know.



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Rachel Leigh

Bryan Jones said:


I think it's just a "spin" and a "fly in." Make sure you set the second animation to "start with previous." You'll also need to to play a little bit with the timing to get the effect to look right. Let me know if that helps. If you have trouble, I can mock up a sample slide for you.




Thanks, I'll try this and you know if it works.
Rachel Leigh

Gina Hoekstra said:

Side question....what is the hover function that makes the images appear slightly larger when the mouse is "on" the image? I'm sure it is something simple...but I am new to creating these features in Articulate (I came from Captivate where everything is an advanced action).


Hi Gina!

Tom and I discussed this yesterday on his post about how to create more interesting objectives:


Look to the bottom of the Comments section.

Tom said on this post that you can create the mouse over effect in PowerPoint, but when converted to Flash it doesn’t get converted.  You can create a hover effect in Storyline.  Tom said he created the emergency kit demo in Beta Storyline. 

I do not know how to create the hover effect in PP.

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