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Good Morning...First, thanks for the great stuff you have added to this forum! I have spend some time reading through Q&A's on inserting wmv files into PowerPoint and getting them to run. I have to say a lot is over my head. I have built my first PowerPoint tutorial and have practiced utilizing the hyper linking features to different slides by using bulleted lists, graphic, and making buttons. I have also inserted wmv movies that I recorded and they play beautiful until I have someone else try to view them. It will not work. So here is what I tried. I moved the .ppsx file to a folder on the server and then tried to use a link for users to get to and when they click the link it asks them if they want to open the PP and then opens it, but not in the slide show mode. I then tried to email the ppsx and it will open in slide show mode, but not play the wmv files. I then tried to package it in an executable then link to a file (play.bat) and it says page cannot display.

I am a newbie at this and have been fishing on this issue for a couple of days...I started reading the post here and see that other having similar issues and was hoping that someone could help. I need to push this tutorial to user that are global and will have to do this in an email or play it on the server and drive them to it with a link.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Leandra Blair

I am still trying to find a solution to this problem and would appreciate any advise! I would like to develop PP tutorials and need to convert them with all media still active to HTML. I have converted it to SWF and it works except for the video. I had to add a hyperlink into the PowerPoint which takes the learner away from the tutorial. Not what  I really want.

How is everyone else doing this? I have created some great content by watching and reading this great site, but have no clue how to get it to the users. We are not able to use anything that is outside our network like a hosting service or a cloud solution. I need to have this saved on our server and posted on the intranet.

Thanks everyone would appreciate some different solutions to try