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Jan 18, 2013

This may be, for many, a simple question with a simple answer. However, if you have an answer, I would greatly appreciate hearing it. I have a photo in a PowerPoint slide that I want to transition from a flat photo to a 3D view to look as if it opens as a door. Any ideas, or is this even possible? Is it possible in Storyline (we will be installing Storyline soon)? Thanks for your input.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Edward! If you are working in PowerPoint, you could perhaps do something similar to what Nathan did in his flipbook effect which he shared in this forum conversation. He used a "collapse" and "stretch" animation to create the look of a page-turning effect, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to  adapt this to look like a door. 

You also asked about Storyline. Currently in Storyline there isn't an animation equivalent to the collapse/stretch PowerPoint animation, so if you import into Storyline a PowerPoint slide that contains that effect (or other unsupported effects), the animation will be replaced with a fade. (Feature requests are welcome, though, if you'd like to see more options in Storyline's animations!) In the meantime you might consider the simple solution of creating a movie from your PowerPoint slide to show the desired animation, and inserting the movie in your Storyline project instead...for more info, check out the how-to that Stephanie shares here.

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