Powerpoint Image size changes when Save as

Hi everyone,

Big thanks to the whole E-Learning Heroes team for opening me to the world of powerpoint as a graphics editor.

I have a major barrier with using powerpoint though - once my graphic is ready to be turned into a standalone PNG file, I right-click and "Save as" .  The image then gets exported with larger dimensions than the original.

Another thread here suggested doing Paste special > PNG to maintain the image size.  Firstly, I need the images exported out of Powerpoint for my course materials.  Second, when I tried Paste special, the problem was all the same.  Image comes out about ~15% larger, losing much sharpness.  (see images attached)

Any ideas?  I've searched online and no answers in the general public.



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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello  Daniel,

Welcome to community. Are you pasting your image file in Storyline?

It might be storyline is trying to fit your image to the possible maximum height or width. To turn off this just

Double click image after inserting → this will open picture format option ribben  → here select reset picture & size.

See image below. Hope this will solve your problem.