Powerpoint scenario

In the scenario I am building in Powerpoint (2013) there is a page where the user needs to choose a number of correct answers from a list.  Is there a way to create this quiz so that at any point the users chooses 3 incorrect answers he/she is directed back to the lesson material concerning the subject. One or two incorrect would still be a pass, but that third error is the 'trigger'.  Just not sure how to do that and so far haven't found anything on Google that covers it. I am just beginning to get into VBA and don't have the skills to do it that way.  Any help greatly appreciated.

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Nancy Woinoski

I don't know of any way to do this in PowerPoint. You might be able to do this with VBA scripting or macros but I have never tried it so can't say for sure. I wonder if there is a Microsoft, PowerPoint or Visual Basic forum someplace that might provide you with better guidance.

If I was doing this I'd probably invest in a tool like Articulate Studio or Storyline which are designed for doing this type of thing.