PowerPoint to Articulate resize


It may be a bit too elementary or not. I know that PowerPoint is 800 x 600 and Articulate is 720 x 540. This means The slide elements are 'automatically' resized to fit 720 x 540. I believe this causes the images (and text) to lose their sharpness. When I'm in PowerPoint the images I have added are crisp but in the published version they are a bit fuzzy. I tried to resize the slide to the size from 4:3 to custom size (720 x 540) but that threw the screen elements off the gear. Is there a way to make sure that the images stay the same size after they are published? I scoured through the forum but didn't seem to get anything that answered my question.



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Robert Kennedy

I'm not sure if that minimal amount of resizing would make the images fuzzy.  Please check your quality settings under Presentation options.  They may be set to custom and have some lower quality settings.  Most people keep it optimized for web but you may find that you need to customize your settings differently if you are particular about resolution.  Check the quality settings and let us know what you find.