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I have been following Powerpoint to HTML5 on different forums, etc. At some point I downloaded ISpring's converter, but right now, do not want to put any $$ into it, until I can see some better results.

However, I found this today: http://www.free-power-point-templates.com/articles/powerpoint-to-html5/ There were several suggestions for Powerpoint 2010 to HTML5. 

Question is....has anyone used any of the tools listed? Results? Any other tools?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, April - 

From the examples I've seen, the output is relatively inconsistent and in some cases really oogie. If you're looking at a lot of animations / synchronized narration and want to retain those but don't need slide level navigation controls I'd consider doing a screen capture of a timed presentation to a video output. This will give you the most reliable and consistent output across platforms at the cost of higher file size (not as bad as you'd think, compression works on frame to frame changes so if nothing visual changes it's pretty compact). 

If you don't have a lot of animations or audio and just want to distribute the slides, I'd consider going with PDF. That'll give you a pretty reliable output in a compact and easily downloaded / navigated "slide-ument". These aren't always what you want but it's pretty portable and should open on most platforms with some level of viewport control (zoom, scroll).

Hong Nguyen

If you convert a fully animated/interactive deck, I thought iSpring could perform very well. Not sure what was your problem (besides $$). Anyway I recommend SlideGo Converter which is free and has similar quality. Other alternatives (DigitalOfficePro, Moyea...) in my view produce much less accurate.

Jamie Garroch

@April - totally agree with you. We've used iSpring for a lot of Flash based projects in the past and were excited by the news of the HTML5 converter product but the results have been a little disappointing. However, iSpring seems to be pretty good ad tuning their products so we're hoping to see big improvements.

These couple of samples show the difference between the PowerPoint 2010 native video conversion and iSpring Converter HTML5 conversion for the same source PowerPoint project for one of our clients:



The biggest issues we have are inconsistent font behaviour, less than perfect animation conversion and player control inflexibility / response.

We're going to take a look at the alternatives provided in your link and will post back our findings.

Hong Nguyen

Jamie,  I'm the creator of SlideGo, so I guarantee no catch whatsoever. However I can't answer whether it's safe to use for business, for example I can't take responsibility for a failed conversion. This software is a side-product  (a file importer for SlideGo online editor). It is released free for user benefit especially in education sector, and also to receive feedbacks to improve it.

April Edmonds

I did download SlideGo, worked pretty good. Some of my transitions did not convert over as the same. Few fonts were crumpled. However, I may need to be sure to specify Veranda or a web-safe font in my PPTx. I still need to test in a LMS. 

Thanks for all your discussion on this topic. ~a

Ronald Leunisse

I tried SlideGo today

Biggest problem I have with it, is that the function "go to last displayed slide" is not functioning.

I need that function very much because it helps me to navigate to special slides like help, extra videos, etc.

I want to get to those special slides from every slide in my PPT and I want to be able to always get back automatically to the last slide I was on when I used the link to a special slide.

romal bachu

i tried slideg0 and it worked somewhat well.....but recently one of my colleague introduced me to another good piece of software which converts ppt to html5 format...its basically a powerpoint plugin..i download a free trial and the output was great i would say..


animations, transitions and everything worked ditto powerpoint.

My question is, Does articulate have a similar converter available ..please let me know? b/w i am an Articulate fan