Hoping I can leverage the collective genius here...

I need to convert 4 powerpoint slideshows with audio, timings, animations, the whole shebang to some sort of format that will allow me to end up with them on a DVD playable in a commercial DVD player hooked to a TV, with some sort of introductory menu that will allow them to select the video they want.

I see all sorts of 'tools' when I google search, but most of those seem like invitations to installing spyware/viruses/crap on my system.

Has anyone had to do something similar?



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Holly MacDonald

Sean, you can save your ppt with audio and animations intact to a wmv file and then you can convert it if you need/want to. I'm using PPT 2010...just "save as" and in the file type, choose .wmv. I did that and did post-production in camtasia for a previous project. 

Hope that helps.


Jesse Spinella

If you can save it to a file type that you like the sound quality to, convert it to an .avi file using Media Cope. Then, burn the .avi to disc using Xilisoft .avi to DVD converter. 

Media Cope: http://www.mediacope.com/ (video converter)

.avi to DVD burner: http://www.xilisoft.com/avi-to-dvd-converter.html.

You can get both from www.downloads.com as well.


chark Delta
AppGeeker PPT to DVD Converter is what I use and it's simple to use.

It canconvert PowerPoint presentations to DVD movies and video with all the original animations, sounds, transitions, movie clips and internal links retained.
BTW,heaps ofmultiple wonderful DVD menu templates and DVD menu designing methodsto choose from.