PPT Creation

I couldn't resist sharing my new creation. Inspired by David Becker's simulation I created the inside of a transport truck.

We use a lot of International Trucks so I looked up a photo that they had on their site in their marketing material.

Then I mirrored it to create the inside of a Long Haul Transport Truck.

This image was all created in PPT.

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Zara Ogden

Well Thank you for the ego boost. But Share and share alike to achieve success.

I will say though that your interpretation of the sun-glass compartment as a Rear view mirror with my pic no less is smart to replace a body in the truck. lol

My idea is to have this image in the side presenter panel with video of my travels throughout Ontario. When visiting with friends and taking trips in the north I have been taping 5 minutes here and there. I have winter, Snowstorm, Whiteout, and other recordings.

I built this for Hours Of Service Training. I want to show time passing.

Now to learn how to put an image in front of a video...I know there is a thread somewhere around here.