PPT Graphics Help?!

Hi, all –

I know one of the community members will be able to help me…  I’ve learned a ton on the forums about working with graphics/images in PPT, and I was very proud of myself today when I “built” a box and was able to have items “falling” into it.  But now I want to label the box, and I can’t figure out how to make it look right – I can’t just use a text box because of the perspective problem (the text should look like it’s getting smaller as it goes towards the back of the box, right?).  I tried a couple of things but it all just looked weird.  Any ideas?

I usually have a graphic artist to help me on projects but every once in a while, for one reason or another, I have to muddle through on my own – not fun.  Although I guess I’m not really on my own since I’m reaching out to all of you. 

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blair parkin

Hi Sheila

Is this the effect you are trying to create? I'm not sure how you have created your box, but I created this just with a basic square, then set the depth to 100 in 3d format and used 3d rotation to set the perspective. Un-tick "Keep text flat" so that it fits in with the perspective you are creating.


Sheila Bulthuis

Blair -

Thanks!  That got me close...  But the box was something I created by pulling apart and altering a clipart image, so I had to improvise a little with your technique – I created a new shape and followed your directions, but set the fill to none, then set it on top of my box.  Of course it’s not quite matching up…  I fiddled with it a little using the rotation tools, but I can’t seem to get it…   I’m attaching the slide in case you happen to have time to look at it.  

Thanks much,