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Is it a 1:1 time conversion when converting PPT from ILT to Articulate?

In other words, I have a 1-hour ILT class (direct instruction w/ lecture, little to no discussion) and I want to know if it makes sense to say it will take learners 1-hour to complete the Articulate course. The entire ILT deck is being converted and all slides will include corresponding narration.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Tracy and welcome to the eLearning Heroes community

From your post I can not make up whether it is PPT - Articulate Presenter or to Articulate Storyline

  1. PPT - Articulate Presenter (AP)
    Here the answer is simple, YES. The main editing tool is and remains PPT 
    AP is a plug in into PPT. It has some extra features, yet from a conversion point of view there is no issue.
  2. PPT- Articulate Storyline
    Here the answer is less simple. The main editing tool is a PPT-like interface, yet it is not PPT. All slides that you import need to be converted into a SL format. This can cause some issues. Not all PPT features can be translated into SL. E.G. Some animation types, Macro's, hidden slides...
    During the import some dhapes are rendered in a different format.
    I use the import for mainly getting the main ideas into SL. And use those to redevelop my slides using the more powerful SL features.



Bruce Graham

Hi Tracy and welcome to the forums.

If I understand your question correctly, and you are talking about a 1:1 TIME conversion, then I think it's an impossible question to answer.

In an ILT, the slides are (usually), just the catalyst for learning to happen, via discussion etc.

Sometime, when I get sent a large .ppt, we end up losing about 75% when we prune it for eLearning.

Saying that...if you are going to use interactivity in your learning, (branching, options etc.) then the learner may not consume 100% of the slides - they will only consume what they need to achieve the learning objectives.

If it literally is a lecture, end-to-end, then it may be a 1:1 ratio - but it may also be as dull as ditchwater as an online experience, which really should be considered when designing it.