Pre course and Post course Assessment

I am currently trying to create a course which has a pre-course assessment and a post-course assessment. If participants pass the pre-course assessment, they  exit the course. If they fail, they will have to do the course.

The pre course and post course assessments are 2 different sets of questions. So I would have 1 result slide for the pre course assessment and one result slide for the post course assessment.

Is it possible to create this logic in articulate storyline?


Pass pre test ----- exit course

Fail pre test --continue course-- do post test assessment - when pass- exit course


Kindly advise

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Dave Cox

Hi Kiran,

Unfortunately, you can only select 1 slide to report the results to the LMS, and there isn't any way to select that slide during run time. You have to choose it at design time. 

I've had to solve this same scenario for one of our courses, and the best solution that I found was to use the LMS. 

I have the participant login to the LMS and take the pre-test. If the participant passes the pre-test, we record the completion, and this satisfies their training requirement.

If the participant fails the pre-test, we log it in the LMS as an imcomplete, and use a trigger activate a link to the LMS that registers the participant into the post-test. We also present a message to the participant on the final slide. The participant then returns to the LMS and launches the post-test that we registered them for, and completes the assignment with the new test content.

Maybe this will work for you?


You can use a 3rd 'invisible' assessment who's answers are controlled by your other assessments. I refer to them as Ghost assessments and you can read more about them here:

Basically, your pre and post assessments are set up to control variables. The variables in turn answer the questions on an assessment that the user doesn't see. The results slide shown the user and used for the LMS comes from the invisible assessment but mirrors the results of the last assessment they actually took (whether that was the pre or the post assessment). 

Make sense?