Pre-Quiz Examples

Hey Heroes,

I'm working on a Storyline project where I'm starting things off with a pre-quiz to convey the why and objectives for the course. Does anybody have any examples they would be willing to share of courses where you kicked things off with a pre-quiz?  I'm just looking for ideas of way's to transition straight into the quiz questions and then transition into the e-learning course after the quiz.  I feel like I've seen courses that did this here but can't track them down now.

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Bob S

Hi Joe,

Here are two approaches we've used in the past....

  1. Simple "choice" buttons at the very front giving them an option to either take a quiz first (ie test out certain content) or go through all of the content.
  2. (Note: Not Appropriate for all situations) When expecting resistance from the learners on a topic they think they know already, we've addressed the issue head on with a challenge statement. Something like "So you think don't need to brush up on this, hmm? Here's your chance to prove it..." then taken them right into the quiz.  

Admittedly, choice #2 should only be used in certain situations. But when the pre-quiz was challenging, tied SPECIFICALLY to the content gaps we had already identified, it worked extremely well and we often got direct feedback on how it changed attitudes positively towards the learning.