Preloading audio necessary?


I am new to the Articulate products and I think they be a good solution for our needs.

I would like to set up a 4 section quiz.  I was thinking to do each section individually in QuizMaker and put them together in Presenter.  All questions in the 4 sections have an audio file associated with them.  I would like ideally to have about 75 questions in a question pool for each section and randomly select 15 for each section.  I am not sure how Articulate manages the media files, but was assuming that I may run into some delays in the audio playing (?).  I thought about preloading, but I don't think that would work if the questions are randomized.  

Can anyone give me some info as to whether or not what I would like to do is possible and/or if there maybe playback issues and any work arounds?

Many thanks in advance.


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Robert Kennedy


For audio alone, I have never run into any delays with Articulate.  With video, yes, there is some delay as Articulate on pre-loads 2 slides ahead in Presenter.  With Quizmaker, you may not have to worry because in the time it takes for the student/learner to read the question and answer it, the next one would have loaded anyway.  So, the bottom line here is that out side of abnormally long audio files, I wouldn't worry about it.  75 questions is easily manageable in your scenario.

Erica L

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your response.  I am considering including a couple short videos, so that is good to know about how Articulate handles these media files.  The audio files are probably a maximum of 3 minutes long in the one section with most being just under 2 minutes.  

So, 75 questions is there a top figure that is generally considered as "too many" questions for a quiz and/or question pool?

Thanks a lot for your help.