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Maybe I am just late to the party, but thusfar my workflow has been as follows:

Publish, wait 30 minutes where I can't work, notice that there is a problem with text being wrong somewhere (in navigation, in notes, on the slide) correct, re-publish, rinse and repeat.

I usually have to publish at least 3 or 4 times, and sometimes as many as 10. (If I'm having a particularly mistake-filled day)

So... today I discovered I can change text (on menus, on slides, etc.) in the presentation.xml file.

This pretty much blew my mind in a "OMG I've been wasting sooooo much time" sort of way... so I thought I'd share. The file is pretty much everything in your whole course, and if you can figure it out, it seems you can change a ridiculous amount of stuff.

So ya, if you already know this, sorry for repeating. But if you don't, and your workflow is anything like mine, you're welcome!

- Kayla

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Phil Mayor

Melanie, engage publishes to the data/swfs folder you can edit the data.xml folder within the engage folder for a specific interaction.

There is a folder for each interaction, just remember it is one way only so you need to update your engage interaction as well to keep the changes next time you publish

Abhishek Mishra | Principal Course Production Engineer

Hi Guys,

I want some information. I published a two course about 50 slides each. I can join the course copying the slides.swf and merging the presentation.xml. However, the issue arises when we add the tb.swf files. For the next 50 slides which was added to the first, don't show up as they are unable to link through imsmanifest.xml.

Can anyone help me on this. I want to have a prefect Thumnails all-thru from start till end . i.e complete 100slides.



Multimedia Producer

Bryan Tregunna

Rewind, please.  I changed the text in the presentation.xml file and this made no difference - as the text is already embedded into the page's swf file. I thought I could be cute and use this xml file for translation - change the file and "Bob's your uncle!" only he's more like a long lost cousin.

So is there a way of changing this file and then publishing? Or has Bry got the wrong end of the stick?